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Relevant Experience

I majored in Ecology and Organismal Biology at Colorado College ('15) and minored in Journalism.  I also attended the Salt Institute for Documentary Storytelling ('13) for writing and multimedia studies.  

In 2014, I lived in Argentinian Patagonia and served as the Scientific Communication Intern at the Patagonian branch of CONICET (Argentina's National Scientific and Technical Research Council), where I assisted over 30 scientists on various projects.  While at CONICET, I also produced two short films to help teach the local community about the research center's goals.

And in 2015, I worked as a research assistant at Rocky Mountain Biological Lab and helped investigate carbon leaf economics in aspen trees.


Check out some of my work below, and you can find samples of my writing and photography throughout the rest of my site!


Splitting the Land - 2017

I'm currently working on a documentary about packrafting the Rio Grande and the border wall.  I intend to submit the film to film festivals, including 5Point and Wild and Scenic.


Closing the Gap - 2016

I bike to work to bring the outdoors into my day to day life.  This film is about one particularly miserable Colorado commute and why I do it.  I produced this piece to submit as a short to 5Point - one of my long-term goals is to get something into 5Point.


This is CENPAT - 2014

This is one of two films I produced for CENPAT - the Patagonian branch of CONICET (The National Scientific and Technical Research Council of Argentina) - during a Scientific Communication Internship.  This video helps CENPAT shows community members an overview of local scientists' work.  During this project, I worked with 33 researchers and stretched my Spanish to the breaking point.


Out of Doors - 2013

This film was produced at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies and is about three everyday outdoor athletes and what nature means to them.  I fell in love with documentary work during the editing of this piece.


Interview Reel