TRIP REPORT - Skiing Great Scott Bowl - Snoqualmie Pass

Every first day of the season has to have some rough patches right?  Luckily, the day was glorious and the snow was deep, which helped me forget the bootpacking/powdercrawling... 

Bryant Peak shines through the clouds

I overnighted in my car in the parking lot at Alpental to avoid waking up early, and got to see dawn rise over the resort, before meeting up with Mike and Dimas and heading up towards Source Lake.

Alpental at dawn

It was wild to be at Source Lake in the winter - the last time I was up there I was scrambling over talus towards the Tooth, and the snow made everything way easier.  The Source Lake bowl was looking pretty thin, so we climbed up a steep skin track towards Great Scott Bowl. 

Scoping out Source Lake basin - Mike's pointing up at some avalanche debris

Halfway up, my skins decided they didn't want to hold on any longer, so I took some tumbles and finished the climb in my boots.   

This guy couldn't have been more stoked on the day - hopefully he finds this photo!

Luckily, I found Scott, whose skins were pulling the same shenanigans, and we took turns breaking trail for one another while the clouds cleared over Bryant Peak.  

My  bootpacking compadre - Scott

My skinning fiasco took up a fair while, and I didn't feel eager to get back on the bootpacking horse, so I packed it in and headed back to town for my afternoon shift.  But I can't wait to get out again!