Quick Update from Richard - Pt. 6

I want to be clear - this documentary is in large part about the border wall, and how it would affect the Lower Canyons we floated - though the proposed wall is far more than just an environmental issue and the border wall is not even the biggest threat the Lower Canyons faces (that's climate change and lack of water).

But at the same time, it is as difficult to know what's going on with the wall as it is with everything else in the country.  If you're having trouble keeping up, here's a few of the best articles out of the hundreds I've been reading:

The Executive Order that started it all

The Atlantic on the many unanswered questions about border wall specifics

The LA Times addresses the fact that the Rio Grande is more than half the border

The Smithsonian Magazine weighs in on the geological issues involved

And the New York Times offers vignettes and photos from border residents


While I have no idea what's going on with the border wall, I'm going to keep working on this documentary.  If the wall is built, I want this film to show what parts of the border used to be like.  If the wall isn't built, I want to show how much we saved.

So keep on watching this blog, and remember that when we talk about the border wall, we're talking about an area that looks like this.