The Team - Pt. 2


We've all spent time in Latin America (all together over 3 years), and are passionate about border dynamics, social justice, and environmental conservation.  

Pete - "the Smooth Talker"

Pete studied the American Southwest at CC and wrote his thesis on the complex relationship between humans and rivers - specifically addressing the American Santa Fe River and Australian Wimmera River.   He's lived in Costa Rica and Latin America for six months, and spent two months in Spain.  He and I've wanted to work on a conservation project for years, and finally we're doing it.

Gus - "the Miscreant"

Gus studied ecology at CC and, after graduating, worked in New Mexico with the National Park Service and at the Four Season Farm in Maine.  He's lived in Bolivia and is currently somewhere south of the border, having set out immediately after our trip.

Robby -"the Instigator"

Robby studied ecology at CC, and headed south to Tuxtla Gutiérrez immediately after graduating, where he taught biology.  He's now spent 23 months living in Latin America, with most of his time in Mexico and Ecuador. Robby came up with the idea to float the Lower Canyons.


and Richard "the one always carrying a camera"

I studied ecology and journalism at CC, and spent 7 months in Latin America working with ecologists.  I'm passionate about conservation and filmmaking, and am currently spending all my time producing this film!